We know how painful waiting can be. But more often than not, the things you have to wait for end up being worth it.

Think about it.

That first kiss… or getting your college acceptance letter …or finding out you got the dream job you so desperately wanted.

Well kick back and order up a glass of bubbly, because it’s time to celebrate. The wait is over.

JVS Marketing, LLC has launched its newly designed website and we couldn’t be more excited.

And if you have anything to do with the automotive industry, you should get excited too.

Because the new JVSads.com website makes it easy to understand what’s going on with your advertising dollars.

Check us out to see why JVS Marketing is your #1 resource for providing automotive marketing news and insight. We provide solutions, services and trends that not only help our A-list of current Automotive dealers, but help prospective clients as well.

JVS Marketing makes life more manageable at your dealership, because we take care of everything that matters.

Our resources and connections (we’ve been doing this successfully for over 20 years) allow you access to the most up-to-date information in creative, compliance, ROI strategies, commerce and traditional and digital media.  We know the answers; whether you are talking Newspaper, Radio, TV,  Direct mail, Web Banners, Google analytics, Social media or anything in between.

If it drives, tows, floats, sails or flies, we’ve got the tools to help you sell it.

And if you’re already one of our Top-selling Dealerships, you’ll notice our logo has changed. We adopted a new logo with a bright red color because red is known for engaging passion, energy, power and strength- all qualities we at JVS Marketing are known for.

We want to give our clients an opportunity to know us better,  understand how we run our business, and meet the people behind the scenes who care about your success. Browse through the “About Us” section and read the latest blogs on Automotive happenings in your industry.  This site has pages of helpful resources and will be updated on a regular basis with videos, datasheets, infographics and more.

It’s simple.

If you have a budget to market your business, you have an obligation to make it stand out.

If you describe your dealership the same way everyone else does, you will be viewed as ordinary and your ads will be invisible…blending in with all the rest.. But if you use JVS Marketing, we’ll make your dealership stand out and get noticed.

Because good advertising should make you extraordinary not ordinary!

Click below to see why we make being different… better.

Bookmark us now as a favorite by clicking here- www.jvsads.com.