Your dealership has just announced strong monthly incentives. How do you quickly promote your dealership’s offers while managing to finish the month with a strong close? You should consider Conquest Email Marketing to convey how you can solve a customer’s problem. Look at competitive sales within a short distance of your dealership. Think about what your dealership offers that makes people’s lives easier. Complimentary delivery? Virtual test drives? Online paperwork? Brainstorm some ideas, bring them to us, and we will work with you to develop a concise message through a Conquest Email campaign.

What is Conquest Email Marketing?

Contrary to retention email marketing, where you focus on your existing customer base, Conquest Email Marketing convinces new prospects looking at your competitor’s dealerships to shop with you. At Blue Gorilla Digital, we will work with you to create a solid plan to help you reach your stair-step goals, find in-market shoppers, and provide you the potential to grow beyond your database. We encourage you to read on to learn more about getting maximum ROI with your next Conquest Email Marketing Campaign.

It All Starts With Data

Your data is only as good as what you do with it. That’s why you should leverage it every way you can! Through hundreds of data points that target prospects from their current types of vehicles, to their lease expiration dates, inferred credit scores, and years they have owned their current car, our Conquest Email software intelligently generates a list of in-market shoppers for your product.  We don’t believe in wasting your time, energy, or money targeting prospects that do not intend on purchasing from you. 

Killer Creative

Here at Blue Gorilla Digital, one of the many reasons our clients love us is because of our fresh, exciting creative designs. We do not create templates and reuse them across clients. Every piece of creative is unique to your dealership’s needs, whether that is highlighting new, used, or special offers or events. After you approve your Conquest Email’s design, our digital specialists will begin to HTML code it so that while we are hitting the new prospects from our end, you can deploy the same blast from your CRM to your loyal customers. 

Precise Fulfillment Process

After we generate the list and get your blast approval, it’s time to deploy! We will partner with you to determine what zip code radius we will target, exclude any customer lists from the conquest list, conduct a pre-deployment test to ensure everything is functioning correctly, and immediately launch upon your approval. Have a specific date in mind that you want to promote? No problem. We can deploy at a specific time and date, too.  All emails are coded to track your website traffic through Google Analytics so you can have full transparency as to how much traffic has increased over the life of the campaign. 

The Benefits

We are so confident in our Conquest Email Marketing campaigns that we guarantee a 10 percent open rate and a 1.5 percent click-through-rate.  Among strong open rates, here are a few additional benefits:

  • Real-time results
  • Stimulate new sales
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Drive more website traffic
  • Watch your ROI increase

What does your dealership’s conquest strategy look like? Do you have one in place? If you don’t think you have an advantage over your competitors, contact us for a free consultation at 561-745-6207 or