JVS Marketing is serious about the company we keep, and the companies who keep us. We take pride in developing strategies with extraordinary dealerships because that leads to long-lasting successful relationships. But don’t just take our word for it- trust what the dealerships say:

“I have been working with Ron and his team for over 20 years. They bring insight and knowledge into everything they do… If you are looking for an agency that can get the job done, you’ve found it.” S. Davis GM, Florida Jaguar/Land Rover Dealerships

JVS provides exceptional service- and has for over 2 decades!

We do this by diligently studying the market and using valuable research tools to target qualified buyers. Neilsen Reports, Arbitron, Polk Sales Registrations, Cross Sell Sale registrations, and Manufacturer Franchise Reports are just some of the services we subscribe to for timely Automotive information. These records are placed in the hands of our marketing experts who design effective ads that work in traditional media, direct mail and digital advertising. The team understands inventory, incentives, rebates and changing monthly offers and can make it all work to your advantage to sell what you have, not peddle what you don’t.

JVS uses cutting-edge technology that doesn’t just keep up with the times- they lead while the rest follow.

“Due to the way digital advertising has taken the lead in the automotive marketplace, timing is crucial. We can always depend on JVS for extremely quick response and turnaround, so that we can be one step ahead of our competition at all times.” D. Hart Internet Marketing Director

It’s true, because research, coupled with great service produces superior results…. fast!

R. O’Bryhim had this to say after being with JVS only 1 year:

“Within one year of the launch of our new dealership location, the team at JVS helped us become the number one volume selling Honda dealer in the state, and we have remained in that position for the past six years. I am glad they are on our team!”

JVS prides itself in learning your goals. We not only want to help you get where you want to go, but understand what it took to get you where you are. We appreciate your dealership’s history as much as you do and we will never forget who is in charge. JVS puts the road map in place to direct your future…as you see fit.

Our experience coupled with an understanding of your business leads to success. Let us show you why we attract and keep the top Automotive dealers in the country! Make JVS part of your family, and we’ll do the rest!