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Some of Our Recent Works – Take a look and see how we bring in more visitors, customers and buyers into our client’s dealerships. Dynamic print ads, compelling radio & TV spots, and engaging web content – it all turns into a powerful package to boost sales and generate revenue

Website Graphics

Your first chance at grabbing a prospect’s attention is the moment they hit your website. Considering 60% of your web visitors are undecided about their imminent vehicle purchase, putting your best offers front and center is of utmost importance. And speed in getting new offers up is key to being a step ahead of your competition.


Online banners get new prospects to your site. And remarketing banners give previous website prospects a reason to return and give your dealership another chance before they make their purchase decision.

Responsive Email

There are two keys to successful email marketing: Getting through spam filters is primary, so that your email has a chance to be opened. And creating fresh, engaging content in a responsive design, so that it can be read quickly and easily across all platforms and has the triggers for enhanced customer engagement.


It’s one thing to attract new customers, but keeping your current customers is essential. We can create monthly eNewsletters and deploy them to your database, so that you keep in contact with your loyal patrons and keep them coming back for sales and service.


Contrary to popular belief, print is alive and well, and in some areas of the country, print is an integral part of the media mix that is capable of producing excellent results for our customers.

Magazine Ads

Whether it’s an ad for a local charity you support or a sales or service ad in a local or regional magazine, JVS has you covered.

TV That Rocks!

Do you want TV Spots that come alive and make your prospects want to jump off their couch and run to the phone or log on to your website? We can do that! Or better yet, let us produce spots for you that make them want to race to your dealership!

Direct Mail

When it comes to design, JVS Marketing has you covered. In an extremely competitive environment, the JVS team understands exactly what it takes to generate more conversions for your company or dealership. A custom design incorporated with the power of Content Management Systems (CMS) will be sure to take your business to the next level. With JVS as your design firm, you will have instant access to a plethora of robust features geared towards increasing sales.

Radio & Pandora

The message and the medium play equal roles. The right message in the wrong place doesn’t help anyone. And the right media buy with the wrong creative execution produces the same results. Our team specializes in delivering the right message to the right prospects at the right time.

Character Spot Red Tag Godfather
Bad Credit Dialog Spot
Dr. Madness Character Spot
Character Spot Red Tag Terminator
Motivational Sales Song Not For Broadcast
Pandora Dragnet
Down Under Deals
Off The Wall Hard Sell
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