Digital Marketing

Anyone can sell you ads and CPCs. And everyone worries about ROI, without giving thought to the creative that causes customer interaction in the first place. Our designers are trained to create for response, so that the money you spend on digital media produces results.

Automotive marketing
Television, Radio, Print, Billboards, Transit Advertising and Arenas.

Traditional Marketing

From Television, Radio and Print to Billboards, Transit Advertising and Arenas, to integrated cross-partner promotions, we know that it’s the right combination of both traditional and digital that will drive your dealership forward. Rest assured you are in capable hands when it comes to producing dynamic creative.


Consider it “mail on steroids.” Standard mail has a place, but dynamic, interactive mail that produces measurable results are what we are known for. Chances are, if you’ve seen it, we’ve done it. (Or perhaps created it in the first place!)

Dynamic and interactive mail that produces measurable results.
We create a roadmap for directing your future sales.

Account Service & Research

The JVS team prides itself in learning your goals and objectives; understanding your dealership’s history; putting a roadmap in place for directing your future and implementing and executing successful strategies to help you get there.

Media Planning & Placement

Our team has key players with over 60 combined years of experience in the media and media placement business. We know what works…and how to negotiate… from both sides of the desk. Many of our client’s retainers have been totally recouped merely by the money saving placement and negotiation strategies we have employed on their behalf. Leave it to the experts if you want expert results.

Leave it to the experts if you want expert results.
TV & RADIO production, editing, scripting, voiceovers, special effects and motion graphics.

TV & RADIO Production

When it comes to design, JVS Marketing has you covered. In an extremely competitive environment, the JVS team understands exactly what it takes to generate more conversions for your company or dealership. A custom design incorporated with the power of Content Management Systems (CMS) will be sure to take your business to the next level. With JVS as your design firm, you will have instant access to a plethora of robust features geared towards increasing sales.