You spend thousands of dollars paying lead generation companies and SEO/SEM vendors to create traffic to your website. So why do you create a lackluster atmosphere as the first thing a visitor to your site sees? We all know the adage “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A Good First Impression.” So make an impression on your visitors by creating instant appeal.

Your TV spot says “Big Sale Today.” Your Radio Spot screams “Come In Now.” Your Print Ad Says “Buy One For This Amount!” Yet the instant the customer visits your website, the image they get says, “There’s nothing happening here, so you might as well go away.’ If your site’s not happening when they arrive…they leave…Quickly!

When manufacturer incentives change, it’s always the “Battle To The Swiftest.”  Change the banner sliders on your website’s home page to display main offers within 24-48 hours of incentive changes. Your prospect will see your best new offers BEFORE THEY SEE THE COMPETITION. And you have the chance to grab the “now” buyer “NOW!” JVS Marketing and Blue Gorilla Digital are examples of companies that do that for hundreds of dealers nationwide.